Exobot V2.5 Android bot

Key functions

— Credit card stealer (can be linked to desired apps or started/restarted manually)
— Injects (150+): Largest banks of AT, DE, UK, NL, TH, PT, BR, AU, FR, TR, Social networks, messengers with localizations (this means it shows inject depending on detected language), payment systems (PayPal, WU etc)
— USSD requests
— Calls forwarding
— SMS send to specified phone number
— Mass SMS spam to phone contacts
— Mass SMS spam to the lists of your phone numbers (not limited, you are setting URLs to lists in \”domain.com/numbers.txt\” format)
— Screen lock with web page specified by URL
— SMS intercept and deleter (user will not get alerted about SMS)
— Device killer (makes password changed, screen locked and sound disabled)
— Push notifications (Set the desired message and start specified app)
— Block unwanted apps (AVs, cleaners, etc — you can set custom apps on panel settings)
— SMS Redirect (allow to forward incoming SMS to the specified phone number)
— Make Calls
— Get installed Apps (new apps will appear in panel immediately after installing on device)
— SMS deleter (allow to hide and delete SMS on all Android versions)
— Contacts grabber (collects phone contacts and names)

Bot technical details

— Invisible & stable work on Android 4/5/6/7/8(auto run function for injects and CC stealer on Android 7/8 sold separately)
— Traffic between bots and panel is encrypted and compressed to avoid sniffers and fakes
— Extendable module system allows adding required functionality on existing bots pretty easy
— Bot has an auto-update system
— Bot does not require root rights
— Manual bot deletion is almost impossible
— Anti Emulators/Debuggers

Panel details

— Fast & modern web panel placed on dedicated and secure VPS with logs disabled
— Documentation Rus/Eng (in development)
— Jabber notifications on new data incoming (cards, bank info, SMS from specified phone numbers, etc)
— Bots task list — you can set tasks to checked or all filtered bots, view status of tasks, cancel or repeat them later
— Panel allow you to save notes on your data
— A lot of info about each bot: phone number, IMEI, IP, language, display state, phone time, operator, android version, model etc
— You can specify list of wanted apps to mark and find all bots with these apps
— Templates system: each APK can have unique icon, title and tag to track it in panel
— Injects can be enabled/disabled/re-enabled (when they were filled) — Real time execution of such tasks
— Banks, cards, and other data can be exported to TXT/CSV formats
— Extended statistics (by country/language/tag/version, online/offline, grabbed cards/banks, etc)
— Guest statistics for install sellers. You can reset these guest statistics to see what bots exactly will appear in panel after the current time. Then you can make it back
— APKs can be downloaded from the panel. New versions will be uploaded to panel automatically. Also, panel provide package names of APKs — useful for loaders
— You can add new domains on all existing new bots at any time
— Panel accounts manager(means you can create panels/apks/injects/and give it for rent)
— Builder+crypter panel